Looking for Work in the Nonprofit Sector? Here’s Where to Start

While plenty of jobs in the burgeoning nonprofit world can be found on large, all-purpose job-search sites, you’re often better served by sites that specialize in nonprofits. For starters, why waste time scrolling through jobs at for-profit enterprises? Such posts constitute the overwhelming majority of listings on Monster.com, CareerBuilder, Simply Hired or LinkedIn.

Job sites specializing in nonprofits offer much more targeted searches for job seekersThe following nonprofit job boards will get your search off to a good start. Each offers a robust array of jobs in a variety of disciplines. What’s more, these sites also offer the guidance you need to conduct a nonprofit job search. After all, for many people, a nonprofit career is a new venture.

One caveat: There are many great career sites out there, and we’ve only listed a few. So you certainly shouldn’t plan to confine your Web surfing to these sites.


This big, well-known site is the one to visit first. It provides a volunteer-matching service as well as a robust jobs board. A year or two down the road, that volunteer service can be valuable to a host of other employers — that is, if the nonprofit you’re volunteering for hasn’t offered you a paying job already. Visit the site.

The Bridgespan Group

This nonprofit informational organization runs a nonprofit jobs board featuring full- and part-time paid positions, and listings for unpaid positions on boards of directors. This organization is a thought leader in the nonprofit world, so you’ll also find a wealth of career advice here. Visit the site.


This site bills itself as the place to go for “jobs that change the world.” It boasts listings to thousands of jobs worldwide. It also offers plenty of online career advice, as well as links to nonprofit job fairs. Visit the site.


This is a relatively small site, but it’s run by a recruitment firm that specializes in the placement of people at nonprofit organizations. Job listings run the gamut from small, community-based organizations to large, multinational foundations. Positions are available in all disciplines, but are most prevalent in financial, marketing and developmental roles. Visit the site.


This site specializes in people seeking career changes and those nearing retirement age. In fact, this site is as much about the nuts-and-bolts of “how do I do that?” as it is a repository of job listings. Besides its own board, it provides links to a host of complementary sites — including the U.S. government and AARP. Visit the site.

Philanthropy News Digest

This organization publishes reports on the state of philanthropy in the world — and offers a jobs board. Listings are particularly prevalent in cities such as Boston, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, where many philanthropic organizations are headquartered. Moreover, because philanthropy often involves large sums of money, this site is useful for people who seek careers in accounting or finance. Visit the site.

The Nonprofit Times

This trade publication for nonprofit managers hosts the NonProfit Job Career Center, which contains a wealth of jobs aggregated from organizational websites, newspapers and other job boards. Its home page features an active Twitter feed of additional posts. Visit the site.


Live north of the U.S. border, or plan to someday? Charity Village has distinguished itself as one of Canada’s leading nonprofit job sites. Nearly 1,000 openings are currently listed in a variety of disciplines. As with all things Canadian, fluency in both English and French is a definite plus for applicants. This is particularly true if your search focuses on Ottawa, where many nonprofit organizations are headquartered. Visit the site.

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

This organization was founded in 1997 to serve people who work for nonprofits. Besides hosting a website of jobs listings, YNPN has chapters throughout the U.S. and holds local retreats and workshops. It also offers ongoing mentoring programs and sponsors a national leadership conference. Visit the site.


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