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  • Easterseals Rebranding Offers Key Insights for Nonprofit Leaders

    Posted July 5, 2016

    Easterseals became a household name in the 1950s and 1960s in large part because of its signature marketing initiative: sending out millions of sheets of Easter Seals for supporters to use on their letters, bills and other mailed correspondence. The seals were central to the nonprofit’s brand for decades. But as snail mail gave way…

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  • How to Find Investment Capital for a Social Enterprise

    Posted June 27, 2016

    Launching a business isn’t for the faint-hearted. You need a winning concept and a willingness to work long and hard without much in the way of short-term rewards. Most daunting of all, making your idea a reality can require a massive amount of money from investors. For social entrepreneurs, finding investors is even more difficult….

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  • Free Online Courses Can be a Great Help to Nonprofit Leaders

    Posted June 20, 2016

    Web-based training provides a simple, convenient way for organizations to train their people. What’s more, many such courses are free. Online courses can be quite robust, and quite a few specifically target nonprofit users. This gives nonprofit leaders a golden opportunity to stretch their training budgets — especially in light of studies showing that nonprofits…

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  • 4 Great Examples of Using Engagement to Improve Local Communities

    Posted June 13, 2016

    Community engagement by nonprofits begins with a simple premise: Ask, don’t tell. By consulting with people in the community while developing and implementing solutions to social issues, the reasoning goes, nonprofits can have a more dramatic impact on specific problems and on society as a whole. While community engagement can require more time and effort…

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  • Engagement 101: Building Community Ties is Essential to Nonprofit Success

    Posted June 6, 2016

    Is your nonprofit well-engaged with the community it serves? If you cannot answer that with a vigorous “yes!” you are missing an opportunity to create a brighter future not only for your community but for your organization as well. Two educational initiatives in Newark, New Jersey, illustrate the potential of community engagement. Both efforts had…

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  • Social Enterprise around the Globe: Four Impressive Startups

    Posted May 31, 2016

    Plenty has been written about seemingly intractable social problems throughout the world and the large sums of money spent trying to solve them. In the past two decades, a new approach has begun to deliver better results: the social enterprise. The term “social enterprise” is broad and can encompass both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. For-profit…

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  • How Predictive Modeling Helps Nonprofit Leaders Boost Fundraising

    Posted May 23, 2016

    Individual donations can be a highly effective way for nonprofit organizations to raise money and ensure their financial health for years to come. The catch is, fickle donation patterns can result in a roller-coaster ride of peaks and valleys. “If only there were a way to predict donors’ behavior,” you might think. “We’d be able…

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  • Cultural Nonprofits Get Creative amid Funding Crunch

    Posted May 16, 2016

    Nonprofits that provide cultural enrichment, from the arts to music to zoos, must be more creative than ever before in their fundraising. Here’s why: For starters, the recession of 2008 and 2009 cut the budgets of many cultural institutions by one-quarter to one-third. While the economy has rebounded, donors still seem tightfisted. Moreover, the postwar…

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  • Fundraisers and Direct Services Specialists Are Most-Sought Job Categories at Nonprofits

    Posted May 9, 2016

    Pundits may disagree on the strength and speed of the economic recovery, but one positive trend has continued: job growth in the nonprofit sector. This year will see an especially dramatic increase, according to the 2016 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey. The survey, published annually since 2007, says more than half of the nonprofits it polled…

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  • 6 Practical Tactics to Squeeze More Revenue Out of Fundraising Events

    Posted May 2, 2016

    Fundraising is the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization. Yet, it is time consuming and the constant “more money” drumbeat can be wearisome for employees, volunteers and benefactors alike. Thus, it’s smart to make your fundraising events as effective as possible. A variety of tried-and-true methods can help you to squeeze more funds out of donors…

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  • Nonprofits and Millennials — Connecting with America’s Largest Population Group

    Posted April 25, 2016

    The millennial generation is having a dramatic impact on politics, business and society as a whole. This generation is also dramatically changing how nonprofit organizations connect with the public and raise money. The Pew Research Center defines “millennials” as young people born, roughly, between 1980 and 2000 and who started to come of age right…

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  • The Pitfalls of Hero Worship in Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

    Posted April 18, 2016

    It seems like hardly a day goes by without a celebrity or big-business icon becoming the latest “heropreneur.” Bill Gates, Bono, and Angelina Jolie are just a few of the socially minded elite who have launched charitable endeavors, capitalizing on their fame to help make the world a better place. Of course there’s nothing wrong…

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  • Fighting Fraud: 5 Crucial Steps for Nonprofit Leaders

    Posted April 11, 2016

    It you list the 10 worst things that can happen to a nonprofit organization, fraud will be at or near the top. Fraud is a serious issue for nonprofit leaders, for several important reasons. First, organizations that serve the public do not want to lose funds to the wrongdoing of nefarious people. This is doubly…

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  • Keeping Children Safe: 4 Things Nonprofit Leaders Must Do

    Posted April 4, 2016

    The annual Girl Scouts cookie sale is now in full force, with legions of Scouts stationed outside supermarkets, churches and shopping centers across the U.S. Their hard work raises a question every nonprofit leader needs to ask: Just how safe are the cookie sales, the Boy Scouts’ popcorn sales, March of Dimes fund drives, or…

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  • Go Mobile: Using Smartphones to Elevate Your Fundraising

    Posted March 29, 2016

    In a true sign of the times, a New Jersey lawmaker recently introduced a bill that would ban texting while walking. As any casual observer might attest, handheld communication devices are nearly as ubiquitous as footwear in today’s world. According to the mobile giant Ericsson, 90 percent of the world’s population over the age of…

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  • Staying on Track: How Do Nonprofit Leaders Avoid Mission Creep?

    Posted March 21, 2016

    Success begets success — and as nonprofit organizations grow and develop, they often face a problem of purpose: mission creep. Mission creep happens when an organization strays from the reason why it was created. Let’s say you run a food bank in a suburban county. Creating a community garden in one of the towns you…

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  • Cash-Flow Forecasting: An Introduction for Nonprofit Leaders

    Posted March 14, 2016

    Many a wise entrepreneur has learned that “cash is king” — and the same principle applies to nonprofit leaders. The phrase alludes to the often-contradictory responsibility of financial managers, who must keep their organizations in the black in the long term but also must ensure there’s always enough cash on hand to pay the bills…

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  • Fundraising Scrutiny: How to Deal with Watchdog Agencies

    Posted March 7, 2016

    Nonprofit watchdog agencies have become a fact of life in the nonprofit world. Well-publicized scandals at large nonprofit organizations in recent decades have had two notable results: greater government regulation and a proliferation of private watchdog groups. One of the most notorious scandals erupted in the 1990s at the United Way, whose ex-CEO was sentenced…

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  • How Nonprofit Leaders Can Strengthen Bonds with Corporate Donors

    Posted February 29, 2016

    Corporations used to donate to nonprofits primarily to build positive PR in the community. Some occasionally wielded their influence on community issues: At a local hearing on the construction of a factory, for example, a company might have provided a chapter-and-verse recitation of the community groups it supported. Yet, for the most part, companies stayed…

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  • How to Boost Your Email ‘Open’ Rates — And Raise More Money

    Posted February 22, 2016

    Email is one of the nonprofit sector’s most effective fundraising tools. Yet in today’s world, nonprofit leaders run the risk of having their emailed appeals ignored or deleted by busy people who just don’t have time to read everything they receive. A fundraising email cannot accomplish its goal if the recipient does not open it….

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